The NAR Code of Ethics lies at the heart of being a REALTOR®.  Since its adoption in 1913, the Code has promoted time-honored principles that are generally defined as:

  • Loyalty to clients
  • Fiduciary duty to clients
  • Cooperation with competitors
  • Truthfulness in statements and advertising and non-interference in exclusive relationships that other REALTORS® have with clients.

REALTOR® members who violate the Code of Ethics can be subject to sanctions by their local Association through procedures established by the National Association of REALTORS®.

  • If you believe a REALTOR® has violated the code or the law there are various ways you can attempt to resolve the complaint.
  • Basic information on professional standards procedures are available on this site.
  • WAAR is responsible for enforcing the Code of Ethics for its 500 REALTOR® members. We encourage members of the public and REALTORS® alike who have complaints to communicate their difficulty to the broker of the firm involved in the complaint.  In many cases this will rectify the situation and eliminate the reason for the complaint.
  • If the REALTOR® is not a member of the Williamsburg Area Association of REALTORS® you will need to contact the Virginia Association of REALTORS to determine to which local association the REALTOR® belongs.
  • Potential legal violations need to be reported to the Virginia Departments of Professional and Occupational Regulation, not the local REALTOR® association.

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