• Revisions to Article 10 and Standards of Practice 10-3, 10-5, and 3-11, deleting “handicap” and instead inserting “disability”.  Same change made to Appendix III to Part Four, Responsibility of Member Boards with Respect to Article 10 of the Code of Ethics; Appendix VII to Part Four, Sanctioning Guidelines (Example C of Progressive Discipline); Appendix XII to Part Four, Appropriate Interpretation of Standard of Practice 10-5 and Statement of Professional Standards Policy 29

Revision to Standard of Practice 3-9: Standard of Practice 3-9 was amended as follows:

REALTORS® shall not provide access to listed property on terms other than those established by the owner or the listing broker the seller.

  • Revision to Section 1, Definitions Relating to Ethics, to define the phrase “Real Estate Professional” for purposes of Article 15 as those engaged in the disciplines of real estate specified in Article 11 of the Code of Ethics