September is National Preparedness Month. Ensure your safety is a priority by staying prepared all year long. We’ve compiled a few ways you can get ready now, so you won’t have to scramble if an emergency occurs.’s campaign focus for 2023 is for older adults. If you have any older adults in your life, be sure you share this information with them so they, too, can be prepared in the event of an emergency or natural disaster.

  • Find out what emergencies or natural disasters can happen in your area.
  • Make a plan for communication and transportation. Who will you contact and where will you evacuate if the need arises?
  • Enable emergency alerts on your mobile device or be sure you can access them on the radio or television.
  • Figure out an alternate way to refrigerate medicines, if needed.
  • Make a plan for evacuating with essential medical devices.
  • Ensure your household is aware of where emergency supplies are kept.

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