3E Restoration is the non-profit organization, a community development agency whose aim is to equip and encourage people in our community to break the cycle of homelessness and help empower people living through social displacement.

3E restoration


As people transition from living through social displacement to being housed, from extreme poverty to stability, a total life re-orientation must take place. More than behavioral modification is needed to break the cycle of what is sometimes five generations of poverty. Our neighbors and friends in need must experience transformation and systemic change in their lives in order to break the cycle. 

3e’s concept of the Five-Fold Reality of Social Displacement™ sees social displacement as a combination of physical, emotional, cognitive, spiritual and social effects. The curriculum, written by Fred Liggin (Founder of 3e Restoration, Inc.) and edited by Dr. James Goalder (Clinical psychologist) is designed to equip faith communities in order to address this five-fold reality in their locality. 

By drawing upon evidence-based research and practice, trauma studies, and social science as well as a robust theology of Christian hospitality, the 3e Curriculum equips and empowers our neighbors and friends in need with the life skills necessary to maintain holistic sufficiency.

How REALTORS® can engage with 3E Restoration

Fill specialized training sessions. Trainings offered by 3e are as follows

A 3e Restoration Ministry Training Labs (faith-based) for anyone wanting to walk in relationship with neighbors living through social displacement through 3e Restoration Ministries, 3e Communities of Hospitality or 3e Workforce Initiatives.  This is a two-day training session and is the most comprehensive. Tuitions apply.

B 3e Workforce Mentorship: a one day training session for anyone willing to mentor a neighbor in 3e’s workforce development initiative or workforce sustainability initiative.

C Other 2-4 hour training labs that are currently under review for accreditation and certification

3E restoration

Gather Landlords interested in housing/supporting neighbors living through social displacement and help educate and facilitate opportunities to help transition people out of social displacement and into a new dwelling/home

Welcome Home Baskets

These are beautiful and simple efforts that will be easy to accomplish. For every neighbor housed 3e likes to provide new sheets, new towels and wash cloths, cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, laundry basket, etc. to help them get settled into their new dwelling/home. 

gift basket